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 Links for Categorized Sites: Love and Romance
Sites that specialize in cards or greetings for love and romance.
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Your one stop site for cyber greetings and postcards for any occasion or event you can think of-create it your way. A good general selection of cards, with an emphasis on love and romance.
(Added: Thu Jul 29 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 8.00   Hits: 9878)
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Love and romance in a postcard!

LoveCards is a FREE service that allows you to send an electronic postcard to that special someone on the Net. Our postcard selection focuses on love and romance, with some very provocative images.
(Added: Thu Jul 29 1999   Votes: 4   Rating: 5.25   Hits: 7510)

2100 Net Avenuel  
Send a free greeting card today and everyday! Find the card that say's it all....
(Added: Fri Jan 14 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1014)
4 My Love Cards @  
A collection of love, romance and relationships resources including advice, poetry, quotes, dedications, chat, horoscopes, romantic ideas, message boards, free love postcards and much more!!
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 4059) Details...
1000+ Free Postcards at Bansheeweb  
Bansheeweb offers over 150 free card categories and thousands of card options. Stop in to find the perfect card for every occasion.
(Added: Fri Mar 17 2000   Votes: 2   Rating: 5.50   Hits: 2697) Details...
Creative Postcards  
Design your own Greeting Card and Send it to that special person. [[this is a very applet/graphics heavy site.]]
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1102)
Desktop Poetry  
Create your own virtual magnetic poetry and send it via email to a friend. They can then move around the words and send it back.
(Added: Sat Sep 09 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 738) Details... allow's someone to dedicate any one of more than 850,000 popular hit music clips to someone else with the just the click of a button. The music dedicated plays right within the browser; no plug-ins or other applications are needed. Dedicating a song is free and is as simple as sending an email.
(Added: Thu Dec 16 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1143)  
A site with a variety of cards including kids and work-day cards, as well as their original "hugs" cards.
(Added: Mon Apr 10 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1169)  
Send a free gift of flowers, or, we'll in this case, e-mail a picture of flowers. They're not going to like it much, they're going to love it!
(Added: Tue Jan 25 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1004) Details...
Romeo And Juliette  
Cards from the motion picture starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, and John Leguizamo.
(Added: Sun Nov 07 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1287)
Send a free Love Card  
LoveCards are the greatest way to say "I Love You" online! These nifty electronic postcards let you customize every aspect of your card.
(Added: Wed Jan 19 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 1.00   Hits: 1951)
Susan's Romantic Adventures E-mal Cards  
Electronic E-Mail Cards for Valentine's Day and Special Occassions to share with your sweetheart. Susan's Romantic Adventures has the card for you to make your darling swoon. Send a "Courting Coupon" redeemable for that special moment you desire!
(Added: Mon Jan 10 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1168)
Virtual Kiss Cards  
The e-kiss is a form of online post card. The sender picks what kind of kiss they like, adds a message, and sends it (via e-mail) to someone.
(Added: Thu Jan 20 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1130)
Wesley Berry Flowers Free Virtual Bouquet  
A flowershop offering flower electronic postcards as well.
(Added: Tue Dec 28 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 721)
WhyNot Creations  
WhyNot Creations, Inc. has the largest selection of interactive and media rich electronic greeting cards available to consumers on the Internet, free of charge!
(Added: Wed Jan 19 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 939) Details...


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