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! Editors Picks !  (4: Links)
. Our choices for DON'T MISS sites and sights around the 'net! Not all the sites will be postcards sites -- some will just be really cool, or geared to help you find just that special sentiment!
Categorized Sites  (127: Links)
. Sites with a single over-all theme, topic, or target audience.
Clip-Art, Graphics and Animations  (4: Links)
. NON-Postcards sites. We'll try to target sites that offer images for Postcards Use -- but verify all use with the artists!!
Educational Resources  (3: Links)
. Resources for collectors, teachers, students and anyone into history, postcards, geography, culture, and exchange.
General Sites  (57: Links) update
. Sites with multiple categories or types of cards, no single or predominant theme. You will usually find cards for all occasions at these sites!
Printed Postcards Sites  (26: Links)
. Need printed postcards? Or are you interested in Antique Paper?
Unreviewed  (119: Links)
. Unreviewed sites -- Most new sites end up here initially -- over 300 sites currently Unreviewed.
Webmaster Resources  (21: Links)
. Resources for Webmasters who are setting up, or maintaining, a postcards site. Scripts, HTML, add-ons, references, resources, and more.
_Featured Sponsors of POSTCARDS.COM  (0: Links)
. These sponsors have made an effort to support our free Digital Postcards® and Postcards Portal listings - either through advertising or content. Please support them, as they are the ones who REALLY bring you this site!
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