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Set up your own postcards site! Get help with HTML, Perl, and other Web and CGI issues. Find books and websites that can assist you in picking the right program and design.
Gossamer Threads - CGI Scripts, Perl Programming and Internet Consulting  
Developers of the Links program, on which this site is based. We can't say enough about the value, and quality of this program for building your site.
(Added: Mon Apr 10 2000   Votes: 2   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 897) Details...
Big Nose Bird's CARD.CGI: A Virtual Greeting Card Server Script  
SOCKET Based E-mail. One script does Unix and Windows!Also does sendmail for those that need it. Single format for preview and final card. Run time diagnostics to help you find installation problems. E-mail format validation. Calling domain validation.
(Added: Fri Aug 27 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 654)
A very well designed, template driven script. We've based our Digital Postcards pcLinks\ site.
(Added: Fri Aug 27 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 683)
Jason's Postcard Script  
This is a very simple and easy to use Postcard script that allows users to create their own personal postcards. It automatically creates the card, sends a notification e-mail, and deletes old cards.
(Added: Fri Aug 27 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 5.00   Hits: 840)
Postcard Direct  
You might wonder why the world needs another postcard CGI.

Postcard Direct is different because it sends the postcard direct to the recipient.
(Added: Fri Aug 27 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 1031) Details...

WebGrams is a web-based greeting card program. It is configurable by the user without having to edit the programs code. Just change a few variables and you have a working program! Version 1.1 includes a few bug fixes, more documentation and a few sample images. WebGrams is released under the terms of the GNU GPL.
(Added: Fri Aug 27 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 620)  
Free service allows websites to offer unlimited, completely customizable postcards. We host and maintain everything, meaning less hassle for you. All this for free.
(Added: Sat Jan 22 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 679) Details...
freEcards is easy and fast to configure. All the configuration is in the source of your HTML page. This way you can change it at any time! None of your files are on our server. You can change the images whenever you want!
(Added: Tue Nov 09 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 943)
Help For WEBTV Users  
Your Internet Guide To Help For WebTV Users sending Cyber Greeting Cards and downloading graphics. [[Not exactly a postcards site, but it does offer help for WebTV users who often have difficulty using various Internet features.]]
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 507)  
Provides remote hosting for postcards services in 3 levels -- Free, Pro and Platinum. A variety of options and integration into a network.
(Added: Thu Nov 11 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 1.00   Hits: 745) offers you the chance to have postcards on your web site! We will arange the script, design the page and edit images. Just visit our web site for more information or to see many of our satisfied customers.
(Added: Sat Jan 29 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 602) Details...


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