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Sites with multiple categories or types of cards, no single or predominant theme. You will usually find cards for all occasions at these sites!
A Personalized Book and Gift Shop from Uniquely Gifted  
Secure Shopping on-line for personalized books, gifts, average price below $10. Quick delivery from Uniquely Gifted. Free cards and games!
(Added: Wed Jan 19 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 632)
A1 Postcards - Free Electronic Greetings  
A great selection of cards ranging from animal, humor, special occasions and holidays!
(Added: Sat Apr 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1160) Details...
All-4-Free Virtual Cyber Electronic Greeting Cards  
Your Guide to over 6000 Free Electronic Greeting Card Sites Indexed by Category so you can find the right card FAST! Free Cards For Every Occasion. [[Sites are listed multiple times under all the different topics, best for if you are seeking a certain TYPE/TOPIC for a card ]]
(Added: Sun Jan 09 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 902) virtual greeting cards  
We are delighted to offer you this wonderful selection of electronic art cards to send to your family, friends and co-workers. By following the four simple steps listed above, you can create and send the perfect card for any occasion.
(Added: Sun Jan 09 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 749)
AUNT KATS Greeting Cards  
Free animated greeting cards for all occasions or just to say 'hey'. Many Many cards to choose from.
A 123greetings site. ed.
(Added: Sat Dec 04 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 872)
Best Free Greeting Cards and Postcards  
Fully searchable directory of sites offering free greeting cards and free postcards and a few of our own cards as well.
(Added: Wed Jan 12 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 890)
An interesting use of the .ru domain! The site is available in both English and Russian. The standard mix of cards for the standard occasions, but also some very cute animations.
(Added: Sat Oct 30 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 809)
The finest electronic postcard website on the net, fast and easy to use, with a huge selection of original graphic to choose from.
(Added: Sun Apr 30 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 739) Details...
Flutter Inn  
Fun card site with hundreds of cards in many categories. Over 100 midi files. Special cards upon request. Updated frequently!
(Added: Thu Apr 20 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 677) Details...
Free E-MusicBox Greetings and Cyber Gifts  
Free Online Music Boxes can be sent in e-mail. Designed for fun, entertaining, and emotional greetings for friends, relatives, and loved ones. Send A Smile! :)
(Added: Sun Jan 09 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 766)
Free Greeting Cards and Postcards.  
Greeting cards for every occasion from the team that brings you Christmas with Free quality illustrated virtual cards, e-cards and postcards. Sending a card to someone has never been easier. Easy on both, the environment and wallet, electronic greeting cards are the coolest way to send messages in the world. And they're free!! The only requirement is that your intended recipient has an email address.
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 2011)
GiggleGarden Animated Greeting Cards - FREE!  
FREE, originally animated, electronic greetings and postcards w/ music, sounds, poetry and interactive java. Quick, easy and fun!
(Added: Tue Apr 11 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 730)
Greeting Cards with an attitude  
Most uniue greeting card site on the net. Features include: put their name in the movies, animate their name, put their name on the moon.
(Added: Fri Sep 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 682)
Greeting Center - the best virtual greeting cards  
Free email greetings with sound, animation & 3D for holidays and all occasions. Uniquely express your humor, thanks and more to friends & colleagues.
(Added: Mon Apr 10 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 801)
Greetings On The Net  
There's no better way to send your online greetings on the Internet. Just a few mouse clicks and your personalized greetings is on its way to make someone very happy on the Internet.
(Added: Tue Feb 15 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 658)
James and Wendy's Links to Free Webcards  
Welcome to our homepage. Here, you will find links to some of our favorite free webcard site's on the net.
(Added: Sat Jan 01 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 638) : Postcards page : Seems to be a 123Greetings site, little site-original content.
(Added: Tue Jan 25 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 645)
Neon Pages - Virtual Postcards  
A general site, with flowers, dogs, animals, wedding and other standard selections. Single page selection format.
(Added: Sun Jan 23 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 825)
Postais Ilustrados!  
Postcards images from all over the world. Many categories. Site is in Portuguese.
(Added: Tue Mar 28 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 639) Details...
Postcard Place  
It's easy to send a card to anyone for FREE. Choose a category and card front. Add a message, an address, and voilá, you're done! You can even select your font and font color and schedule your card to be mailed on a certain day so you don't forget anyone.
(Added: Sat Jan 22 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 797)  
Send a greeting from PostcardMaker.Com! Why? Well, because it's free and the person receiving it might like you just a bit more!
(Added: Sun Jan 23 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 673)
Postcards Network  
Free Postcards Network - 1078 Internet Greeting Cards that come in five flavors.
(Added: Thu Oct 28 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 957)
Printshop Live Mail  
THE LEARNING COMPANY's PrintShop LiveMail has been replaced with 3D Greetings
(Added: Sat Jan 22 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 582)
Puter School and Angel Stardust CyberCards  
Free daily Christian greeting or postcards for the whole family for any occasion including romance, plus free computer and software online support.
(Added: Tue Feb 15 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 638)  
A FREE Service Here! you may create and send greeting cards for any occasion to you friends and family around the world.
(Added: Sat Jan 22 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 619) Details...

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