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Sites with multiple categories or types of cards, no single or predominant theme. You will usually find cards for all occasions at these sites!
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Your one stop site for cyber greetings and postcards for any occasion or event you can think of-create it your way. A good general selection of cards, with an emphasis on love and romance.
(Added: Thu Jul 29 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 8.00   Hits: 9893)
1-2-3 Meet and greet  
Free virtual postcards. send free digital webcards now. With music. Many categories like birthday, greetings, love, pets and animals, virtual flowers, virtual kisses and more
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 1.00   Hits: 3749)
Greetings Unlimited is a FREE Email Greeting Card Service. You can choose from hundreds of our standard & animated cards or use the all new Create A Card section to make your own card.
(Added: Thu Jul 29 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 2006)
123 Greetings...  
Send cyber greeting cards and postcards. Postcards for holidays, birthdays, graduation, weddings, thank you's, saying hello. All occasion greeting cards, postcards. All cards free.
(Added: Thu Jul 29 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 3743)
3D Animated Greetings  
3D Animated Greetings are a new kind of free electronic greeting card that use our own unique embedded 3D animation player.
(Added: Thu Jul 29 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 2343)
A Free Greeting Card  
Award-winning virtual greeting card site. Huge selection of unusual, artistic, romantic, humorous, holiday, animated, free online greeting cards.
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 2014)
Awesome Cyber Cards  
Free virtual greeting cards covering many diffrent themes.
(Added: Thu Jul 29 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1336)
Barking Buddies Dog Postcards  
Send postcards from our collection of approximately 100 (and growing) dog pictures, or add your own dog picture to the list. Dog greeting cards, Christmas cards and more.
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 2341) Details...
Bowcreek Postcards  
Variety of animated and multimedia cards. A postcard for every mood and occasion. Specializing in lake applet postcards. Updated regularly.
(Added: Sun Aug 01 1999   Votes: 2   Rating: 8.50   Hits: 1794)
Free Love and Friendship Greeting Cards  
A general site with a slight emphasis on the love and romance cards.
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 9.00   Hits: 5504)
Kaelin Web Postcards  
(Added: Mon Sep 06 1999   Votes: 2   Rating: 3.00   Hits: 1382)
SnowBall Cards  
Features many categories of greeting cards with great graphic designs. Specializing in bringing the world together with love, peace, and a heart-warming greeting card.
(Added: Mon Jun 21 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1467) Details...
Virtual Presents  
You can send a virtual present to someone in the form of a picture postcard. A vintage plane, an elephant, a vacation. Some choices for free virtual gift giving.
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1062)
Wired 2000 Virtual Postcard Center.  
Reach out and tell that someone your feelings through a postcard. Our postcards will appeal to every occassion, season and even include a music melody at your command. Over 30 categories and 500 postcards to send to friends, colleagues or loved ones.
(Added: Sun Aug 01 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1467) - Send free unique & fun virtual greetings!  
Free virtual greeting postcards, cards and e-cards 4-everyone! Choose from over 200 MIDI songs to add to your card! Categories include love, romance, holidays, angels, bears, special occasions and more all for free!
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1734) Details...
Card Boulevard  
Send free animated, musical greeting cards! Our site benefits the American Cancer Society.
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1001) Details...
cute java cards  
Deer Lake - Original Artists Postcards. itz too cute greetings site.
(Added: Sun Aug 01 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1026)
Flutter Inn  
Welcome to Flutter Inn We have unique cards not found on other card sites and if we don't have what you're looking for, we will make it. All cards are free and updated often.
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 926)
The Fantasy Wolf Card Shop  
Send a musical electronic greeting card to someone today! Free! We also provide postcard hosting services. Many categories including Precious Moments graphics - Cute children, vampires, pagan, love, friends, and more.
(Added: Fri Jan 07 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1008)
TheGreetings Free Electronic Greeting Cards  
Select a card from our extensive collection and send it to virtually anyone on the earth through electronic mail - all for FREE. Pick up a card, and customize any of its features until you think it is just perfect; then all you have to do is click on "send" and away it goes.
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 2.00   Hits: 1629)
Toonogram is a website dedicated to sending FREE cartoon postcards to friends in cyberspece.
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1285)
Ze-Card: Free Greeting Cards  
Send greeting cards with music directly to the recipient's email inbox. Paintings by famous artists devoted to love, family, nature for your greeting cards. Virtual postcards at Ze-Card are free and easy to create
(Added: Wed Jan 19 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 910) Details...
Zippycards - the fastest free greeting cards on the web!  
Designed for SPEED,Zippycards doesn't waste your time with slow loading pages and fancy graphics. Our aim is to bring you the best card designs powered by the fastest servers and postcard software. E-cards for all occasions.
(Added: Mon Apr 03 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 886) Details...
*ChildFun Cards* | Free Web Greeting Cards  
Free web greeting e-cards
(Added: Sun Jan 09 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1172)
All postcards are FREE.
(Added: Fri Jan 14 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1390)

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