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Everything that didn't fit into it's own category -- yet!  
Just as the name says --- all sorts of "creepy" cards! Another offering of Digital Postcards® and POSTCARDS.COM
(Added: Sun Oct 17 1999   Votes: 2   Rating: 5.50   Hits: 2450) Details...  
Free airplane, helicopter and space electronic greeting cards and virtual postcards. Over 600 airplane helicopter and space pictures available for use in the cards.
(Added: Sat Sep 11 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 8.00   Hits: 1191)
Pagan Postcards  
Wish your favorite pagan a Happy Solstice or just admire the cool artwork.
(Added: Tue Jun 15 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 843)
Christian postcards  
I hope you will find all of my Christian cards encouraging about God. I worked very hard on this page that I have created just for you so that you can send free Internet Christian Postcards to your friends so that they can be encouraged about God. These cards are for all occasions.
(Added: Thu Jan 06 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 856)
DNA-o-gram Generator  
The DNA-o-gram generator lets you encode a message and send it to a friend. Send a message in the language of life ... say it with DNA!
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 709)
All sorts of moving cards with music
(Added: Sat Dec 11 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 1271)
A place to find links to WWW sites from which you can send virtual postcards and greeting cards over the Internet.
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 884)
This site features old (antique) family photos in a variety of categories.
(Added: Thu Oct 28 1999   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 865)
Postcards From Prison  
Postcards from Prison are for anyone with internet access to send, receive and enjoy - not (just) prisoners. The site is intended to raise awareness of the uses society makes of imprisonment and punishment by using a mixture of images drawn from reality, the mass media, and fictional portrayals of prison and other forms of punishment.
(Added: Fri Jan 21 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 738) Details...
Snowbear's Super Free Webcard Links  
Here, you will find links to some of the best free webcard sites on the net. They are some of my favorites.
(Added: Sat Jan 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 805)
WordWise Greeting Cards: Photographs of words  
WordWise Cards are photographs of words by Peter Cunningham. Create your own combinations of words and email them to friends (free), or buy online any of 108 printed cards. Express your feelings in an original way.
(Added: Wed Jan 19 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1008) Details...
Virtual Greeting Cards for any occasion. From Animated to Photographic, we have it all. It is easy to use and Fast to send. Just send a card and you will know !.. we also have great love poems!
(Added: Tue Dec 21 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 1178)
Anti Social Postcards  
Ever want to send someone a special little note to let them know how you feel? When Hallmark just won't do, let the Helper Monkey convey your feelings with this special collection of postcards. From Axiom, a media lifestyle magazine.
(Added: Tue Jan 18 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 898)
BAD PIG Creations Virtual Greeting Cards  
Biker Clothing and Accessories - Send a BAD PIG Virtual Card today! [[Ed: Not as bad as the name makes it sound!!]]
(Added: Tue Jan 11 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 841) Details...
Balloon Boutique  
The Balloon Boutique now offers over 700 different FREE Virtual Balloons, Flowers and Electronic Greetings that can be fullly personalized with your choice of over 100 different Music selections, cutom backgrounds, colors and personal voice message greetings.
(Added: Wed Jan 19 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 802) Details...
BlackDog's Post Office  
Blackdog's Post Office. Free multimedia electronic postcards. Great variety! Don't miss this one!
[[A Children oriented site, check the details ]]
(Added: Wed Jan 12 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 831) Details...
Cherish Cards  
A slight leaning towards romance and spirituality.
(Added: Wed Jan 19 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 749)
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta  
Celebrate the Mexican Holiday, Web Site includes the Senorita Cinco de Mayo Pageant, games, information, postcards and more. In English y en Espanol (Spanish).
(Added: Wed Mar 08 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 671) Details... - Send a Mixed Drink Card!  
Send free Drinkmail greeting cards and postcards. Send beer, a martini, wine or cocktails! E-cards for birthdays, graduation, weddings, saying hello.
(Added: Sun Jan 09 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 972)
E-cards for Nature  
E-Cards are the "postcards of the Internet". You may send an E-Card to anyone with Web access and an e-mail account. Every card sent helps generate a donation for Nature (we contribute to World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy). Send E-Cards to friends and family and help save wildlife.
(Added: Sun Dec 19 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 842)
E-cards from AnimalSearch  
Postcards from AnimalSearch - all animals - only animals.
(Added: Sun Jan 02 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 807)
Happy Pet Postcards  
A selection of animated animal cards.
(Added: Fri Dec 31 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 744) - Singing Birthday Cards  
Singing birthday cards. Personalized, professionally-recorded versions of Happy Birthday! Styles include Rock, Pop, Blues, and more.
[[Ed. This is a pay site... check it out for a unique gift idea! They will even make a CD for you!]]
(Added: Mon Apr 10 2000   Votes: 1   Rating: 10.00   Hits: 1810) postcards  
At ikrsna Postcards we have a growing collection of over 200 postcards of vaisnava art and photographs.
(Added: Sun Mar 26 2000   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 684) virtual cemeteries and View from the Darkside have joined together to provide high quality cemetery postcards, from fine-art photographs!
(Added: Thu Dec 23 1999   Votes: 0   Rating: 0.00   Hits: 687)

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