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Postcards From America 

Got a bad case of wanderlust?

Does the call of the open road tug at your heartstrings?

Do you have an irresistible urge to tour America like Easy Rider?

Then c'mon. Come travel with us as we discover America, seeing all 50 states and their capitals.

We'll keep you posted every day with free postcards of photos taken as the events happen, then uploaded and sent automatically to your E-mailbox that very same day--just like being there yourself.

It's even easier than Easy Rider. . . there are no bumpy roads, no speed traps, and no heavy tolls on the information highway.

Our "Discover America" adventure began on Columbus Day at dawn, atop Cadillac Mountain in Maine (the first place the sun rises on America). The trip will end at sunset in Lands End, Hawaii (the last place the sun sets on America).

If you're joining us mid-trip be sure to visit the the FAQs and the Postcard Gallery to catch up with everyone else.

We've worked together for 5 years and always harbored a dream of seeing America "someday." But each passing year piled on more responsibilities, more demands, more commitments, and pushed the dream farther out into Never-Never Land.

No more. On Columbus Day 1997, we quit our jobs, sold our cars, bought an RV and took off to Discover America.

Of course we knew our friends and family would demand postcards, so we decided to save time and send them on the Internet. That's when we realized, "Why not send them to anyone who's interested? Serious travelers, armchair travelers, history buffs, teachers, students, or students of life . . . anyone at all."

So come Discover America with us. We'll keep you posted with free postcards sent automatically to your e-mail box. Every day.

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